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BERARDINO: That’s how all these practices started

agosto 8, 2022 Comentarios desactivados en BERARDINO: That’s how all these practices started Por Notaría 124 & 125

BERARDINO: That’s how all these practices started

MR. It wasn’t because our predecessors were geniuses and said we need more revenue. It’s because our client said,»Fix that problem.» And we think that’s in the public interest.

COMMISSIONER UNGER: So if you don’t have, though, the same individuals providing the auditing services that are providing consulting services, then our proposed rule doesn’t really impact that part of the business, correct?

COMMISSIONER UNGER: So people, even though they’re not currently performing both functions, don’t want to be told that they can’t? Is that what you’re saying?

MR. GARLAND: At Deloitte Touche, we have a large Audit group, Tax group. We have a Consulting group which has a large IT component to it and other components as well. We have an Actuarial group. We have a Valuation group. We have different groups.

Our clients are in a tremendously competitive environment. They’re moving very rapidly. They’re trying to improve themselves, stay up with the competition, and they’re constantly involving and changing at a very fast pace.

The technologies of a year ago, in some cases even a few months ago, are no longer the technologies of today. We need to have people that can keep up with those very rapid developments.

I believe if our consultants, for example, only did audit work, and they believe this as well, they would not be at the leading edge. They would not be keeping up.

And then, when they’re coming in to help us trying to figure out where these systems stable, are they secure, are they state-of-the-art, those kinds of questions, they would have a very difficult time if they’re not doing both over the course of a period of time, let’s say a year.

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